Death Comes

Life is not promised to any. our years and numbers are not written to people. No man knows the hour they will pass. Perhaps they can get a visit from an angel and they know they are departing earth. But death is inevitable on this planet.  All things die on earth. Just as all things are birthed.  We are all born knowing we will die. Why do some die early? Why are infants born dead? Why are species born with one arm or no legs? My friends I know not these things and honestly I don’t think I want to spend time trying to figure it out. I trust that something beyond our imagination created us.


I know what is truth, all people are birthed. all people return to their graves or the dirt of the ground, or even perhaps ashes, or however it be, but people all live then die my friends.  The bible tell us call no man a fool, but the Word does teach us what are things foolish my friends. Knowing we will all die and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I pray many of us consider Our Maker. our Heavenly Father and perhaps sit under the Son and see what Jesus says my friends. I pray we look into our Holy Bibles. and I pray we examine our lives.

If so many people had not perverted the ending I would not even speak on such things. But I doubt many had a true vision for if they did they are either heartless or not speaking it and honestly to see what I have seen, you would speak freely unafraid, nor worried about what men think or say about you.


it comes a point when we have to think past religion my friends, and even Jesus came against religions my friends, but when we sit with God perhaps then people would understand why we go to Church. I am not saying God is delaying for so many signs around. but I am saying my friends what if the end does not come and you die tomorrow? My friends, what then?  What if it is not possible to ask God to forgive you in your last breathe as it seems many are waiting to do my friends?


I pray instead of us all looking for an answer for things we can not answer, that we consider our lives daily my friends. That each day we work out our own salvation. That we start going forward. that we start walking with God. That way no matter what comes to pass we can sing to God and say God your will be done. For God is able to pull us from the fire but if it is God’s will we will live. and if not we shall pass. But what be the point in fear? so many ways to go my friend. Do you know what hour you will die in? should be the message many speak instead of trying to figure out the hour the Father comes. I pray we consider asking our self do you know what time you will go?


Food for thought. have a blessed day dear people!



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