Today is a Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day! I pray I get many things accomplished. I love God and I write about a lot of things and honestly it is easy to judge people on the internet, for you don’t know me in person. I am mostly always peaceful. But honestly I am a human. have thoughts, I have feelings. I have the same struggle others do everyday. There are many things in my life that are going on.

Many issues I have going on. also many things to give God thanks for. if I wrote some of the things I am battling in my life right now. I would get a lot of sympathy. I had a very hard life. But honestly this is not about me. it is about God. it is about us. I do not speak to exalt self. I speak so we all examine self my friends.

I could point out the faults in all people. But honestly I feel if I did that where would my faith be? For the God I know changes people. God heals, delivers, and gives them a new mind set. I know I seen God do a miracle to many people. I also know these things are written in the Bible.

I always wonder what monsters sit behind a computer screen and call each other names. I thank God that is not quite how it is when people turn the internet off. But what monsters online to forget that are we not all human? Do people have feelings? When I use to sit in the religious arguments, ummm according to them, “reasoning” and what not but ummm that is not what I saw anyways.

I saw a bunch of monsters spewing hate out their mouth, and in the same breathe say they are saved. my jaw drops and hits the ground, I think to myself. what god are these people serving? I always felt God tell me not to argue, tell me not to debate and even if we disagree why call each other names? But no, the ones who say they love God. They slay each other and even say, “I am the only way. my doctrine is the only way. My beliefs are the only way.” and I think to myself. Is Jesus the only way? I ask that out loud and I get rebuked and even called a devil? I thankful left that crowd.

This letter was so random. I apologize I do that often. I just write random things that have no point anyways. Please don’t forget I am a person. I am a woman, and even if I am wrong it would be nice to see some men walk Christ like and be humble as Christ was. But again what do I know? for when I say things like that I am stoned. Anyways It is what it is. I pray many of us just start putting the mirror in front of us. Those are my prayers. I must get busy it is a wonderful day and I have so many things to do today. Hopefully I will get a chance to add those videos today if not it more then likely will be later! 😀 have a blessed day dear people. Shalom! ❤

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