Today I woke up!

Today I woke up! PRAISE GOD! Many did not wake up last night. Oh My GOD! I have my hands! THANK YOU GOD! I have have my toes, my arms my feet. I thank God to be in the land of the living. if someone woke up different then I did today I pray God turn your day upright my friend. I pray God change your heart, change your mind, change your soul and spirit.  I pray whatever is making you bitter God help you resolve and work out those problems for you my friends.


I pray Jesus manifest the Holy Spirit into your life daily my friends. I pray many of us take the time to thank God often. For even if we think our lives are godawful. Things can always get worst my friends. So I pray today we just give God thanks for the things we have. Thank God for the things that are coming in advance. Lord God we trust you. we thank you! We lean not on what our eyes have seen, do see. but we trust your will God. We give you thanks for the things we do have.


God we pray help us. restore our families oh God. restore our hearts, restore our faith, our mind and help us just be still and wait patiently on you God. Your will be done in  earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name Amen!  have a blessed Wonderful day dear people! ❤ Written by Michelle Stokes. Just as something I do daily! 🙂


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