This message is not really against pastors but honestly so much judgement on pastors men don’t speak. I am going to point people to 1 Peter 4, the whole Chapter even the whole Book. I pray many sit with Jesus and understand your religion is not the only way although Bible preaching Churches can be good for the soul! But lets be real if all the pastors judge the people. let the people know the pastors will be judged also. I really love the Word and you know when you read Ezekiel Chapter 34-37 it sure does seem Jesus is standing there. But then Jesus is in the whole Bible friends. and Luke Chapter 24 Jesus opens their eyes to Jesus in scriptures my friends.

I pray people start with Moses as Genesis was written by Moses my friend and you will see Jesus IS! You can’t see Jesus, if you don’t know Jesus my friend. I pray this Revelation be given to many and God open our eyes to God my friends and understand the Lord is Our Shepherd. pay attention to Ezekiel 34:23 and I pray God open eyes to the Revelation of this also for if one truly reads you will see the promise of David does still stand but the promise has always been my friends. Jesus is the only way and I pray many receive Revelation in this knowledge! Have a blessed Wonderful day friends! Let us examine the Scriptures! It is really time for all men, and women and even child start to examine our self. teach the Word to your kids early. Seek God early. Praise the Lord my friends. Don’t try and get holy for God hang out with God and God will make you Holy. Wholly seek the Lord.

Baby steps can make you stand, Start with your music. Start praising God. Start building a prayer life. Start reading your bible. Even a verse or two and prayerfully one day you will be up to Chapters and Books. Spend time with God. i pray this message bless the reader! I am not coming against the Churches my friends. but judgement is written on all people. I pray each of us work out our own salvation. God bless us and hep us go forward! may God add unto God daily, in Jesus name Amen!

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