Our own Home Lands

It is easy to look at others, and be envious of them. it is great to look on one side and not see the full picture.  Many over look the things ugly and some never see the beauty they have.  We all walk around complaining about the lands we live in. I am blessed to many who look upon me, and I have more then a lot in other countries, even in my own. I apologize for those who don’t give, but honestly many don’t have it to give anymore.  Since I do believe in God and I am not God, I know not what God will do or won’t do. I do know I have seen miracles by just my prayers alone.


If I say prayers alone and they are answered. What happens when people pray together? if there be a country and you are in bondage, being taken captive I pray you guys and all of us start praying to God.  We all want to say what God will do and won’t do. but my friends some of you can not even pray for an hour, let alone 5 minutes. others are not even lifting their voices to God. How do you know what will or won’t work if you’re not even doing my friends?


To some it is easy to pray for an hour straight, for others they can pray numerous hours even days my friends. And it seems to be the ones who pray are the strongest witness my friends. So I pray if your country be broken and poor we all start saying prayers. While we pray for others, also God help us lead us out of temptation into your Goodness God.  Confess our sins to God and ask God for mercy my friends, also ask God for strength to do things pleasing to God.


Either way let’s examine our bibles and look what was because of prayers of many. I pray we not forsake praying and will we sleep through prayer my friends? We all say we would not be the disciples. We would of stuck up for Jesus, so I say the same thing Jesus said, “Can you not even pray for an hour my friends?” True words to consider. I love you guys. When I was out there hungry I prayed and I thank God for answering prayers my friend. I pray the Lord lead you guys to an active prayer life. Only God knows if this be God’s will.  Start having some faith my friends.


Read Hebrews Chapter 11. read your  bible. prayer is talking to God. Best to do it when you are alone or in your head. (does have same meaning prayer in closet) Say them often my friends.  And just from personal experience and even the Word, the best favor we have is when we sit down and ask God to remove the plank from our owns. then maybe we will have productive prayer life. Food for growth. I pray this message bless you in Jesus name Amen!



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