God’s blessing is GREATER!

In the Word of God it tells us not to be envious of the rich who plot evil devices for they shall have their reward. The devil gives gifts, How much GREATER are GOD’s gifts my friends? I will not speak a prosperity Gospel but neither will I speak a poverty Gospel either. i will speak truth of the Word. Psalm 49:16-20, Matthew 7:7-29. I pray many of become wise with our money, and examine our life so we can be lead out of poverty with out burning in hell.

God never called us to be poor my friends, but the scriptures say it is harder for a camel to go through an eye of a needle then for the rich man to get to heaven. it did not say it was impossible. But honestly if riches are all you want then honestly your wants will probably not be blessed by God, and all things the devil gives ends us in hell, Hell on earth and even after.

God does not want us selling drugs to buy things temporal. Then what? go to jail? be held captive? Become slave to a system my friend? God calls us to work, and I pray when we work we put our heart into such things. Maybe by then our labor will be blessed. Only the devil wants you to prosper making fast cash and an easy living. I also pray we ask god to open doors for us no man close and that we do things Right by God, for indeed God’s gifts are greater my friend and they bless us in this life and the next! The Word of God teaches prosperity, but what be the point in seeking it if your soul is going to rot in hell? I pray we work out our salvation and I also pray god open the doors to true blessing that come by our own labor and hands in Jesus name Amen!

it is ok to ask for handouts, to get a little help now and then but if it becomes a lifestyle what is the good in that friend? I pray God speak to us as Peter did. Silver and gold I have non but stand up and walk my friends. So many who come in the name of the Lord teach us to be broke stay broke but hardly any preach a message of let us work. I pray these be words to consider. have a blessed day dear people.

Dear God I pray you open the doors to many people to finical freedom, plant us in jobs where we can prosper. Help us not forget you God when the blessings come and may it be a strong testimony for God, in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear ones!

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