And This Too Shall Pass

Christian Godly living. God never promised us an easy life. God gives us The Holy Spirit to over come. Life is a battle. there are seasons, there are hours, there is sorrow, there is joy. there is all things my friends.  I know not that a person can have a perfect life from beginning to end. I know not anyone perfected their entire life either. I know they have hours, they have trials, they have tribulations.


We have emotions, we have anger, we have pride, we are vain, we love to love our self. We all want to be treated a certain type of way. and when we are not treated as such, this can effect who we become and who we are today. My friends we must move forward. Forgive, and let the past go. Give it to God. Put your eyes on the prize, but don’t let heaven be your only goal, so you complain about the lands we are born in?  Sometimes it is easy to be stressed out, boggled down, even troubled.  I am so thankful I have JESUS to lean on I never would of made it this far and that is truth. 1 Peter 5:7, Psalms 55:22-23. (notice the “I” in the Psalms verse 23), Matthew 11:28-30. 


I was out there alone. I had a lot of pride. I hurt. I suffered, nobody saw me. My God! then I cried out to God and the LORD heard me! I am so thankful to have went through the things I had happen to me. Do I wish to relive them? NO!  I thank God those are a thing of the past.  Everyday I rise is a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity.  My friends, a life without God is a struggle! I lived that road before and  I pray to God everyday help me God. it is hard sometimes doing right in a world full of everyone doing bad things. Isaiah Chapter 61! ❤


I was not born an angel. You know how hard it was not to go back to my ways when I was homeless? I thought to myself I could do this and then I say God I am sorry for those thoughts! for I promised God I would not go back to that stuff and I meant it.  I saw no hope, I saw no future. I prayed to God in my closet. Over and over I did such things. I pray many others do also. Faith is about believing the things you can not see my friends. I pray God multiply the faith in many, may you have a huge increase my friends in Jesus name Amen! Hebrews 11:6


When I had no faith I confessed these things to God.  My friends I mean no harm, but many are like I use to be, you don’t believe because you don’t seek. It is written seek and you shall find.  If you open the door to your heart and start talking to God maybe you would understand why I speak of God constantly my friends. Just because you don’t believe does not mean God is not real.  Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 7:7-8


We have to come out of the land of trick or treating my friends. Life is hard. if you’re looking for a perfect life. STOP IT!  Praise God for the things you have, and when the storm comes rejoice and even say to the wind be still.  and know the storm will pass. have a blessed day friends and I pray this bless someone out there!  Written by Michelle Stokes for God’s glory and the souls of many! Inspired by LIFE and Philippians 4:11-13!

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