Satan does not come against

The battle is real! We fight a battle of flesh. a battle of wicked rulers, a battle of evil, a battle of the flesh even inside our own head. Hell is real. If we believe in God time for us to believe in hell. if we believe in the devil. How could the devil even be if God was not real? Who would the devil come against?  Did you ever notice, stand in a crowd full of thieves, Not one thief is saying hey don’t steal, why my friends? If you ever notice when you stand in a crowd full of drug users. Who stands and says hey guys put the drugs down?


Satan does not come against Satan my friends and when we examine the world we can see it is a battle of good and evil. I pray many people’s eyes be open. They say God came to start a war. Did not that happen my friends? Was there division? Why do men sit and argue the Word? is the Word the truth? and if it is why do those who know it argue it?  Why do the ones who say they are of God go into the crowds and yell, when they see someone preaching Jesus all they can do is call people speaking God evil?  Is there anything wrong with this? So who is going in other crowds yelling Hey guys put those drugs down!  God does not want us to die. hey guys you shouldn’t steal. Why? Because God does not want you in jail being locked up is not fun. Do you ever see the devil doing this my friends?  Why I barely see God’s people do such things either anymore.


We war with our members. We say we are God, we chop off God’s Body. but why? I mean they all slay each other with the very Book they carry, and this is Godly? Does any of this stuff lead to confusion. Why is that my friends?


Anyways this was written so people consider. Does Satan come against Satan my friends? Why do God’s members war with each other?  is God the author of confusion? So is God’s House divided and does God come against God friends? Does God start chopping off God’s own body?


3 thoughts on “Satan does not come against

    1. It sure does, but if we know right from wrong do we continue to stand in the middle of it? and I know not everyone agrees but in my mind I think God calls us to obedience not arguing. Just my thoughts though. I also know some say they have to argue (or reason so they say). But honestly then, I think is it not all written in the Word? The Bible says lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge God. Depart from evil. Even Jesus did not stand in the middle of crowds arguing. He said what He said and when they threw stones, He fled until it was His hour to depart. I pray I be like Jesus! ❤


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