Murdering Spirit

I pray that God heal many and create with in you a new mind. I pray God fill you with a new song and take away those stony hearts and fill you with hearts fashioned after Jesus. I pray the Lord restore the things that make you bitter. I pray God heal your wounds and create with in you something new. I pray God help you forgive the ones who make you angered. that God will (fill) you with a new Spirit. the Holy Spirit and that it replace all bitterness in Jesus name Amen! I pray God bless many with peace, joy and comfort, wipe away your tears and fill you with joy. I love the Word. I believe if God did it for me God can do it to any willing. Just my beliefs and prayers. have a blessed day! The God I serve created men out of dust, It is but an easy thing for God to help us my friend. For if God can create people out of dust then indeed God can change the evil heart. I pray many of us put our eyes on God and perhaps sing like David did. Psalms 51. God create with in me a new heart. a new mind set and also may we read our Word whole. Romans 12:2 Shalom dear ones! I pray God write all things evil (meaning sin) out of your life my friends and God write us in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE, and instead of our names be blotted out, God blot out our transgressions instead.

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