Real Love is

Love is beyond saying kind words. Love is beyond a feeling in between your legs. love is knowing the person will be there. Will you stand by my side when i have cancer? Will you leave me when my body parts sag? will you cheat on me if my parts don’t function? the parts that are use to create passion? If they don’t function, if it stops working will you still love me my friends? for this is what love is. love does not quit because looks fade. because people get sick.

Love sticks. it battles for you, it fights with you. I don’t mean against you my friend I mean if I get sick, real love does not flee. real love stays. part of love is honor, and part of love is correction. Love is saying the words people don’t want to hear. love is shouting out danger. love is wanting the best for you. love does not lie. Love speaks truth. Love does not abandon my friends.

Many do not know what love is in this hour. and many have different interpretations of love. this is why I choose to love myself, because I have found none who love as I do. not to say it does not exist it has just never crossed my path and if it ever does I am going to keep it forever friends. Real love does not settle. Real love knows the worth of love. Real love does not get walked all over and trampled on by those who say they are friends. if so I know not that love and please God let me stay far far away from those who do love that way in Jesus name Amen!

I pray many find the deeper meaning of love and avoid lust and flee from it my friends. I also pray there be a generation born with eyes to see the difference, between the two and may many find love and stay committed, as love does my friends! it is truly better to be alone then have someone who says they love you, leave you, in your hour of sorrow, your hour of need, your hour of comfort. and fake love leaves. Real love commits and too many committing to those who are not loving. it truly is time to stop playing husband and wife to a generation of vipers. marriage was until death andΒ  if people actually grew old together you would thank God for the marriage and you would comprehend why God said these things to be. marriage was about being humble, without humble no marriage will last. Humble is of God my friends. I pray many receive understanding from God and that we find people who love as God loves us..

In my life I never knew what love was until I found God’s love my friend, and now I do know real love. I choose being alone with God, then with today’s society’s standards of this social fake love, the world has been conditioned for. I pray God lead many to wisdom and truth on the matter and God restore marriages to a great multitude of people in Jesus name Amen! Without real love, marriages will die, they will wither and fade and just fall unfruitful. Real words to consider. Shalom dear people! Written in way more love then most people even comprehend and that is truth friends!

3 thoughts on “Real Love is

  1. Wow. It is too good. I have never read such an in-depth exposition of the real meaning of real love. Michelle, you have convincingly painted the best picture of all the dimensions of love. Thanks for writing and sharing. This exactly what love is. Love is action and not a word. God bless you dear Michelle. πŸ˜‡πŸ€πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘

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      1. You deserve it my friend. You are pouring out your heart to the Lord. God has filled your heart with his great eternal love, it is overflowing to everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless you Michelle.

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