Open Ears

Praise the Lord dear people!  I write this letter for I might not be around much today. I have a few videos created and I have more in the process of being created. I said I would post some yesterday and I did not so I apologize for that, for those who are waiting on them. I also am living life. So due to things unplanned, I am unable to currently put them in public. But they are soon coming.  My messages are only for those with open ears. people who want to hear. There is no purpose to speaking to those with no hearing.  Life is difficult and many come to condemn and even say they have a right to judge.


Then they say that those who say don’t judge are not perfect and hide sin. My friends just because people say things does not mean it is true. We probably are living in the end days for all the signs are there. In the last days it is written there would be false prophets and false accusers. So with that said I can not look at them. Only me my friends, and God. I pray many be like me. (meaning lets sit with God friends!) I am not a babe in Christ. I am not all knowing either. Not sure that is possible but I know God knows all!  I can only speak the things I know. it is up to us to do the work. To study beyond my speech. To seek out truth. I can speak it, but unless you seek it. I could say anything could I not? So I pray we all just start seeking truth.


I honestly am not called to judge. The message God speaks to me is speak simple and if they hear they do, and if they don’t they won’t. pray for all people. For I know not who are God’s and who’s are not. I know God can change the heart of many. I also know God bares witness. So it is not my job to argue with people. Nor debate scripture. I just speak what I know to be truth and either you receive it or you don’t. I also speak so many grow. Food for growth.


I noticed in my life most pastors are beyond correction according to them. I know God can use all type of people and the minute we confess our self to be wise. God can make us all fools. So I pray we humble before God daily. Those are my prayers friends. have a blessed Wonderful day! I am excited to see what Good News God has for us today! and I am excited to speak the things God taught me!  I pray many be excited also!! for I love God and it is not a dreadful thing. it is not a burden. Neither is it grievous. it is joy and peace and all things Goodly for our Good. Do not despise Gods chastening but neither take heed to false accusations. Just some advice I share to those with open ears. have a wonderful day beloveds! ❤ What does the bible say about wise counsel? what does the bible say about those who let their ears hear wisdom? if you see an elder who has walked in the way, do we heed warning when the elder speaks or do we call this elder a fool?


I pray God open the ears of many especially those who come to my page. may our ears be open so we can learn and growth and if it comes to a point when you are beyond my teaching, do we ever show respect and or thanks for our elders who lead the way? or even thank God for them? Words to consider my friends!  In my life I am thankful for wise counsel and elders who helped me and spoke things that I may not of wanted to receive but honestly they were LIFE to me! and I thank God for these people. have a Wonderful day friends! Today’s reflection, Proverbs Chapter 23, Proverbs Chapters 1-3. Proverbs still has a lot of good Wisdom in it! 2 Timothy 3:16-17. ❤ ❤

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