Introverted Student

I am introverted and I know this. I have known this my whole life and the older I get I come to realize I will not change it is who I am. and honestly I don’t want to change!  This brings me much peace being the way I am.  The problem does become, because I have such a charming personality. I have a presence people want to be around. These are not my words. These are the words of so many people. But honestly I don’t like being around people. I prefer to be alone. I love books. I love studying things. Even if I can not speak or write perfect American English does not mean I can not learn. But honestly in order for me to learn my heart has to be set on the subject and American English does not hold a lot of interest in me. languages are not a study that interest me.  Although maybe one day I will change.


I have a life many would consider odd. I don’t watch cable. I don’t entertain many things the world calls fun.  Some would say I am boring because when you say lets go out I would say lets stay home and watch a documentary or even read our bibles. or perhaps a book that is good for your mind. These things are not fun to a lot of people. To me it is peace and serenity.  I found out  it is hard to get in trouble when you put your nose in a book. The library is a place I visit often, in fact I could get lost there for hours. When I went to bars and social gatherings I was lost my friends and that stuff lead me to misery, and drugs and bad relationships and bad decisions.



I am thankful to be who I am today and I am glad to stand different in this generation.  But I honestly am not real social. I am an introvert in learning. I love to learn new things. Honestly I only say these things because in the past many are offended by my actions they think because I don’t want to hang out I hate them. or some say I am stuck up and others start all types of rumors about me. Just a little history about myself I make publicly known. I know who I am and that is more then many do. I am sorry if I will not change to be you. I am who God created me to be and it is all suiting to me and for me.


in the Word of God is says my people die for lack of knowledge and because of such (because they reject)  they are no priest of mine.  Hosea 4:6. but my friends can we all be priest? and how would that be if we were? God is not calling all of us to be priest. God is calling us all to obedience, and some people just have to be DOERs otherwise it would make the life of priest vain my friends and that is a thought worth considering.


I pray God lead some of us to be good wives, others to be good husbands, many to be good children. I pray God lead many to marriage that last for ever and to raise them in the ways of God from an early age. That way we can have a generation of people who honor and love God and then the world will see change. I pray there be a bunch of leaders who do things in Godly ways so there be any hope for this world.


Thanks for listening. This was just a random blog. God bless us and help us move forward Lord in Jesus name Amen!.. I love this song!

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