Those who mourn

I pray God comfort those who mourn. I pray God dry the tears of the humble for those tears shall be answered my friends. I pray write with in us a new day, a new beginning my friends. I pray God blot out our transgressions and that God give you strength (new skin) to remember not the things of old, but God create with in us something new. take away bitter, Take away wrath, blot out all our sins God and create with in us a new song. let us sing you praises God! let us shout for joy all over. let us testify of your goodness God and let the sounds echo through the lands. let the heavens have a party God. let the earth sing God praises! REJOICE UNTO THE KING FOR GOD IS WORTHY!


No sense calling God a He my friends for the SPIRIT IS INVISIBLE! and has no sex. Men create God into something God is not and I pray we all worship the INVISIBLE GOD! In SPIRIT and TRUTH! Those are my prayers and I will rejoice for they are answered! I thank God for changing the hearts of a great many people friends!


I have way more faith then a mustard seed. i have so much faith I believe in the invisible things the eye can not see. For the Word will not go out empty, neither shall it return void and that is something to CELEBRATE!  Thank you God for being faithful and true to your WORDS!  Can God bless GOD? I hope so and if not I will bless God for God my friends! REJOICE THIS IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS MY FRIENDS!  

4 thoughts on “Those who mourn

    1. Amen! and God bless you friend and thank you for those words of encouragement! as a human I need them but also even if I received none I would still be who I am for this is who the Lord created my to be! Shalom and much love! ❤ Thank you for your kind response! it made me smile!


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