Open the eyes of the blind

Dear God I pray you open the eyes of the blind, that you open the ears of the death also. I pray these prayers come unto dead ears of the listeners, so that by them receiving them bring them to LIFE. I pray God not by my hands for if I lay hands on any and I am given power to heal, then how much greater are the Hands of God?  I pray to you God with my hands, not for others to see, but that the things I pray be known. for it is not the witness of Michelle that bares witness. it is the Spirit of Truth that does such things and such as a time as this my friends.


I pray God you anoint the reader. you anoint the listener. put a healing ointment on their eyes and ears so they may hear and see. I  pray you bless them God.  That you manifest the Holy Spirit to them God. I pray on their behalf for your will also God for it has always been God’s will that the people eat from the Tree of LIFE and live. I pray God direct my feet. Direct my path. Direct my speech oh God, for I bow not before any man. I love you God and I am not afraid, nor ashamed to say it. If they kill my body God that is what it is. Your will be done. I will not love you any less.


I pray I can bless God everyday I rise, whether that be today or tomorrow. I pray my lips make a sweet sound for God. I pray my prayers be a sweet aroma to God. God  and I make my petition known that you God honor these prayers, but not for my vanity, nor my glory but Your Name’s Sake God.  For your Zeal. for your Glory and your honor also God and for the joy of LORD. For indeed the joy of the LORD is my strength!I pray God your ear be open to these prayers and receive them and keep them in Jesus name Amen!


I thank you God letting me even be alive to write this letter.


Lord God we put our trust in you. We walk not in sight but we take Our Lamp with us. Your Words we will Keep in our hearts! They shall be frontlets to us my friends! and We will Keep our eyes forward. We will not look to the right, nor to the left. nor go backwards, standing still is terrible. Truly God will lead our steps! God open the eyes of the blind for The Righteous shall stand in the gap and they shall not fall. For it is GOD who holds them up! For when the blind lead the blind they fall in the pit. and if GOD be their Lamp how great is their LIGHT friend?

5 thoughts on “Open the eyes of the blind

  1. What a great beautiful and passionate prayer. Michelle, I admit that I can’t pray such kind of prayers. You are a gifted prayer warrior. Please do keep me in your prayers. Pray that the purposes for our lives may be fulfilled. Keep writing and posting. God bless you. Nitin 🙋‍♂️😇🌺

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