Matthew 18:11- A Good Chapter to go read and Let us not forget the parable of the Lost Sheep. John Chapter 10 friends. Have a Blessed WONDERFUL day. I read once. Bible stood for. Brief Instructions Before Leaving Earth! That makes me smile! What WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! Go out and preach the G.O.S.P.E.L To all nations! Matthew 24:1-14. Please read the full Chapter for if we go further in the chapter, just as there are false prophets, there are just as many false accusers my friends (this is also in the scripture written for the last days) and that is truth! I pray we all put our eyes on God. and the Word for indeed the Gospel is without a doubt LIFE changing, and LIFE unto us!


The Word has been tested and tried by many ever since God created man and woman. People have tested God’s Word and God said since the beginning my friends, Sin not! Only worded different. I pray many eyes are open and we sit with God for better learning and don’t forsake elders, nor assemblies for these things are for us, whether the people know it or not.. if they speak truth perhaps we should listen my friends, for the Word of God teaches us it is wise to sit with elders and also worded don’t forget your elders my friends!  For God is not a new thing and many are not new in God! I pray God renew many in Jesus name Amen! John 10:10. the whole chapter is a lovely read. the full Book is even better my friends! I pray many of us grow daily in God!  That is my prayers my friends! Be blessed in the name of JESUS!


the teaching or revelation of Christ.
“it is the Church’s mission to preach the gospel”
synonyms: Christian teaching, Christian doctrine, Christ’s teaching; the word of God, the good news, the New Testament
“the Gospel according to John”
the record of Jesus’ life and teaching in the first four books of the New Testament.

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