TRUTH About Tithing

I did a video on this I will be adding to my youtube channel more then likely tomorrow. But until then I leave this for people to consider. if we know truth do we continue to speak against such things? then one has to ask did Jesus ever really answer? (speak against) Food for growth dear people! This comment was originally posted on facebook and moved here for people to consider!

Questions people should know before they preach against tithes. I have done a video on this today and It is shared other places I write. I write these things for facebook to consider.  I have four questions to ask. Was tithing about money or food? and also did Jesus speak against tithing? and in the Book of Acts did they give up ten percent of everything they owned and was that couple that with held all things cursed dead? So if we really follow the bible how come all nit pick a few scriptures? So are any who speak on tithe even speaking the Gospel or just a verse or two to support their own doctrine? Seems to be confusion steps in when we don’t fully read our Word and speak ignorantly. Just food for growth!

Do you know many who collect tithe money have opened food banks, have opened homeless shelters, they have opened hospitals with tithe money so will God strike these men dead for collecting tithes? Did Jesus really come against tithing? and if we follow Paul do we ignore the Book of Acts whole just to honor a few verses? I pray you humbly answer. Written for GROWTH for GOD’s Kingdom. Lack of knowledge keeps people trapped in bondage that the devil lays down for them. I pray many people’s eyes and ears be open and we search the Word for truth and also do some research on many churches my friends!  I don’t think God will be happy if we continue to come against GOD my friends! Again, just words to consider!  Shalom dear people!

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