Note to self

I posted a few videos today and I made more then I posted. Topics soon to come. Dressing, Tithing, and My bible study. This is a note to self so I don’t forget and to any who are watching me so you know some of my future topics coming up. I do not speak perfect. Neither do i type perfect either. I type with two fingers looking down (But thankfully I can type 120 words per minute with erorr! :D) and my speech may not be that better either. but years ago I barely finished any words. I wrote like this…wyd? hru? I did not capitalize God, nor did I Jesus. I did not end sentences. I wrote no question marks. I wrote walls with no way to tell where my sentence began or ended. I still know I do not write proper, but I know God is able to use my writing so I pray my videos grow the same way in Jesus name Amen!

I also pray I speak enough truth people will not sit and pick out my error in a word or two. I don’t write perfect but instead look with in the WORD which is perfect! Those are my prayers. Topics soon to come. Truth about tithing. Modest dressing, false witness according to scripture, and Godly living and more pieces to my bible study. Note to self! God bless all who watch me and to those who judge I pray you pray for me and help ask God perform mighty miracles in my speech! that will (would) be a true blessing to me! have a blessed Wonderful day and also It is, I am looking for editors and writers who will labor for me then that way nobody can use my grammar to argue the things I say. I believe my prayers will be answered one day! Sorry I have no money to pay for such things and I see many quick to judge but not any quick to offer free labor. So until then, Please God open up people’s ears and help them understand the words I speak in Jesus name Amen!

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