Strong Adult Context End Days

Feel free not to believe but honestly I am beyond arguing it! This is a true testimony and please feel free to say anything you want about me. I left the comments open, Either you believe or you don’t but it is a truth when I say your comments will not change my words! I pray many people’s day be blessed and we consider the things with in the video and we watch all the way until the end. That is my prayers even if they go unanswered. Have a Wonderful day dear people and by all means please go read the scriptures. May I suggest the Holy Bible. Just my suggestion friends. Think on it and do what your own hearts and consciences tell you. Also no man will see heaven without love. Strong adult context! Also please examine that rapture theory just a little, by reading the Word WHOLE. Then you may be able to see the holes with in it. Consider such things! Shalom Dear Ones!

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