Pity Party

Good morning Dear people!  It is morning for me and every morning, well all day long honestly but especially when I jump out of bed I like to give God thanks. many did not wake up this morning. Now some of you might be anxiously waiting for death and if that be so I pray God fill you with a new spirit my friends. I pray God help you look around so you can enjoy your life friends!  You know what I notice about those who complain? They turn bitter, They hate all things some even go as far to have pity parties.


My friends pity parties never solved anything and that is TRUE!  You hate your life then I pray you ask God to help you change it. if a bitter attitude is what you have, a bitter life it will be my friends. I pray many start looking at the cup as almost full and I pray many people’s cups overflow with GOD my friends. I pray we learn how to pray! I pray we learn how to give God thanks. lets come to God in pleasing ways my friends! lets rejoice about the things we DO have and then perhaps you will be filled with new days!


These are my prayers for many. I know not whos are God’s all I know is God created all people and even in the beginning as now people have free will and God is still the same today. I pray many sit with Jesus so you can find LIFE and LIFE abundantly my friends but let’s just pull up a scripture sharing NIV, please feel free to examine other versions!

Genesis 4:7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”


Sometimes in life all it takes to have a better one, is change your mentality my friends. Change what you are doing, the way you think. If you think the apple is sour, sour apples it will be. Why I seen many folks take sour apples and turn it into something better. like apple pie. An apple does not have to be perfect to make a good flavored pie my friends!  Some things can never be changed as after God told that to Cain, Cain murdered Abel.


I pray we not be like Cain friends. but instead change our path. Go the other direction start looking at the cup from a different perspective. it might just save your lives friends. Words to consider. Be blessed dear people. And God loves you more then you know and that is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!


Written by Michelle Stokes, For the Glory of God and the souls of many! Shalom Dear People! ❤


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