Support Growth

If the things I say or do help you in any way, or my words have blessed you in anyway, and you would like to buy me a coffee, which I don’t drink, But I do love bottled water!! ❤ or other things a little better for you then coffee, so if you would like to buy me a non alcoholic drink I will let you! 😀 or offer me a token of kindness, which I do also appreciate!! <3. Or just contribute to my growth please feel free to do so. Click this link if you are feeling lead to contribute in anyway. I will be updating this with other payment options in the future, but for now here is the link. The money will without a doubt be spent on good causes. God bless everyone!!! The ones who give and those who do not. I still love you guys either way and that is truth!! Shalom dear people!

P.S. if there are any tithers in the crowd, Which I am not against or for, and you feel your Church is not doing right with the money. I swear an oath before God if any do contribute I will feed the homeless and visit the elderly and put into the store front  (food banks) as THE WORD SAYS! Either way if you do tithe I will gladly take your tithe money and use it as God intended it to be and that is TRUTH! Have a WONDERFUL BLESSED DAY dear people!

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