Not a Shepherd

So I say this so there be no confusion misted in my garden. I AM NOT a Pastor. I am a woman planting a garden.  If you are a man please be a Shepherd and tend to your own Sheep, while I water my garden. For that is the role God gave men! As a woman I will plant my garden. I will plant a GOOD seed. I will water it daily. I will tend to my vineyard as a woman should. I like planting flowers. A Rose is so pretty. Sometimes they are hard to grow. They also have thorns and those thorns may be uncomfortable if you get pricked by one, but a Rose is such a beautiful flower when it blooms. But just as all things when it is done blossoming it is returned to the ground as all things are in this world. Only people die in the flesh and if they are with Jesus then their SOUL LIVES!


I pray I plant many trees. and also We need fruit to eat. I pray I can create Wonderful grapes also! that are not bitter but sweet for our soul!  As a woman if I existed in the beginning before all this fancy technology, I would say Man you go hunt and gather while I sit and plant, and then together we can harvest a good feast so we will not starve through out the winter.  For it is silly for a woman to go hunting with a man for then they would only have meat as a substance to eat. And while some may like meat. What happens if you don’t catch anything?  Who will make the food if we all gather wood?  I believe God said a help mate. and honestly I am glad to participate and do my share, because if we are lazy or waiting for others to bring us meat, we might go hungry my friends and I pray the Lord provide as always. I believe God answers prayers! so I will wait patiently and plant my fields and wait patiently for God to let the rain come and I will trust God will give us the proper sun so that way we can have a huge harvest!


God bless everyone. This was written by Michelle Stokes. You may share it and give credit where credit is due. please do not use my work and call it your own. it is called plagiarism, which is another word for stealing! If you are going to use anything I write or say, please make sure you give credit where it is due. Thank you all who come to my page. may the Lord bless you and multiply your fruit in Jesus name Amen!


Dear God please send us the Latter Rain (Reign) and let it produce a great beautiful garden GOD, fill it with your Son (sun) also so that it may grow, for your glory and honor and the souls of many in Jesus name Amen!

5 thoughts on “Not a Shepherd

  1. Hi Michelle. I loved your post. It’s amazing. As a woman l, you painted a beautiful picture of the great role women have in the spiritual and secular world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. God bless you. 😊✋

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    1. Amen! and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings to! That was a nice blessing to see! and God bless you too friend! men will tell the woman to stay silent and try and put them in a box. God said let them put you in a box I will build you a garden and plant you with in it, as I did Adam. I don’t want to be confined to the four walls of a Church building anyways! I pray God keep me inspired. again Thank you for your comment. I pray you have a blessed wonderful day! Sorry I may of responded more then you cared to hear. 😀 but this came to me when I was told to stay silent! I think the message blessed my soul! ❤ I pray it blesses many also. For if we all hinder the Body we won't get very far just my understanding!


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