NOT a NON profit

I am not a non profit organization. I am a woman working for free from my home. I have no desires to take that title. If I get paid I will pay taxes. I will donate. I will spread my money all over without hiding under a label. Many who collect funds in the 501 c do all kinds of evil things and many use that excuse to hide their money under other purposes. I pray God bless my work and I will do what is right by God and that is truth. Sorry friends I am not a church. Go to church if you want that message. I pray one day I open a Church but until then My name is Michelle. I am a writer. an author. a public speaker. I woman for hire if you will. and I give free daily always, it is who I am. But in one of my videos I said I minister and I do! I just do not stand in the church ministry system as the world has laid down. I mean no offense when I say I am more then able to contribute to things without being forced. So I will not hide under the shelter of a non profit. Just putting this out in the open. Have a wonderful day dear people and if you are blessed by my work I would not be against taking a money blessing. I have books to publish and places to speak and honestly all these things cost money and also since I love God it is like the only skill I own. So I pray God help me be able to use it in Jesus name Amen! have a blessed day and thank you all who come and read my stuff. I do not ask for hand outs every post, but occasionally I will do so. Be blessed friends! If you would like to support my growth please feel free to do so. Support Growth. God bless those who give and those who don’t.

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