No arms-No legs

In my video about trinity oneness I made a reference about Beloved Nick!  There are quite a few longer versions of this available to go watch. I am not sure every single one of His speeches are the same for I watched a couple and they seem to be somewhat different but this is the one I share, as it is shorter and most His video’s are about an hour long. Feel free to look up Nick more on your own. But what motivation this man was in one of my darkest hours the Lord lead me to see this and it was a wonderful testimony in my life. I pray it be someone’s else also!  have a blessed day friends. people really need to look at your life. Do you have your hands? Your legs? Many out there right now have less then you, and if you have your arms and legs that alone is enough to give God praise!   Have a WONDERFUL day dear people!



9 thoughts on “No arms-No legs

  1. I have seen couple of his videos. His life is a miracle for me. In spite of so many limitations, nick has become an icon for unlimited possibilities. God has made him a blessing to everyone. God can do same for everyone. God bless you for sharing Nick’s testimony. 😊✋

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      1. I actually read quite a few they are good and thank you! I will follow you but honestly I only have time to read some articles here and there and I try and visit as many as I can but honestly time does not allow me to visit everyone’s stuff and read everything they wrote but I do enjoy reading many blogs in my off time especially those that speak God!


      2. It’s absolutely fine Michelle. I am glad that you have communicated your concerns. I am absolutely fine even if you aren’t able to read and comment. God bless you for following my blog. 😀🙏

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