A Noble Cause-True Blessing from GOD!

A totally noble thing to share! God bless these men and if they have a fortune they deserve it! Thank GOD for people who give us such wonderful tools for free!! I pray God put me in a place I can be a lender for the Lord, not a borrower and I can offer many free services in Jesus name Amen! A true blessing from God!

FaceBook Blue Letter,  Blueletter Web Site!!  This is without a doubt a true blessing from God!! I have been sharing this site with many people and we all will tell you! HOW WONDERFUL IT IS!  ❤ ❤ anyways I pray this help many people draw near to God friends!  have a wonderful blessed day! If you own facebook. Go like their page. At least they share scripture daily and that is better then what many pastors are doing! and that is truth friend. it is best to read the bible beyond just a verse or two, but sometimes just one sentence from God can be a POWERFUL anointing in your life friend and that is WONDERFUL TRUTH!  I pray many of us draw near to GOD and we sit with Jesus and let God create with in us something new. it does not happen over night that is why I say sit with me. watch me. See what I do and prayerfully one day you will have a wonderful relationship with God as I do.  and God knows that is all I want for people and that is truth.


Many pastors will have you sit under them and keep their secrets to them self so they can exalt self. I share the things I do out in open so we can sit and exalt God. I can not wait until many get where I am so then we can sing GOD songs of praises all day long!!!! Because honestly that is where my heart is friends! I love God!!! I could praise God all day long!!! Wait I all ready do! Haha! that made me smile!! 😀 Long ago I would not even lift my eyes to God, nor my voice either and that is truth! So thankful God changed me and now I sing a new tune! AMEN! ❤

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