Just how I feel

I am to the point I care not for followers honestly and I seen many come as my friend but honestly they are no friend of mine. My friends would know I am speaking truth. My friends would love me. My friends would support me, but not on facebook. You can like all kinds of things foolish but speak about life, Call people out of sin, and not hardly any comment. and that is all right with me my friends. Not even by those who call them self Christians. I would rather sit with Jesus then a bunch of people claiming to love me but showing no love. I been to all kind of Christian groups. I go through I like people’s stuff but it seems more people just want you to like their stuff and care not to even come and check you out. and also for those who do, they nit pick, they won’t like anything that seems like it might hurt people’s feelings and I apologize but not really because I am not the one.

Love to me has always been the ones who want me to live. half the world wouldn’t even know love. You think love is telling people to slit their wrist. I had enough of those fake friends. I would rather sit with Jesus and speak life all by myself, then be what the world calls friends, my friends and that is just truth. Anyways God bless the reader I just have no desire to have thousands of friends afraid to comment. That is just who I am, because honestly for my friends I would speak up and I am to the point treat me like I treat others or just far far away from me. I mean no offense just how I feel. I met a lot who say they follow Jesus but all they speak of is love. They won’t speak on hell. They won’t speak on sin and honestly friends I just had enough of that and I choose to separate myself from them. Follow me or don’t. hear or don’t, it is what it is. I pray many receive my words for if not it truly will be like Sodom and Gomorrah unto them!

The truth about this world you are either BLESSED UNTO LIFE. OR CURSED UNTO DEATH AND THAT IS WHAT IT IS FRIENDS. i PRAY PEOPLE PICK A SIDE TODAY! #TeamNOTAfraidToSpeaktheGospelWHOLE my friends! for such is a time as this!

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