Faultless Church Goer

I love Church friend but honestly I am not religious. I go to churches that preach the bible. I serve God at home. I love Jesus every day of the week. I go to church for so many reasons. First and foremost it is not because I think I am perfect. I will be the first to admit faults. and have been doing so for many years. As a person who points out my own faults I am not new to it. I just don’t want to do it anymore, because if I start pointing out all my faults. Then others start thinking they are faultless.

I will not speak of my faults anymore unless we want to sit down as a couple and you admit your faults and I admit mine and we go forward I am not pointing out my imperfections to anyone. because when I have done so in the past. it seems people think they are perfect and then the blame falls on me. and honestly I am done with that thinking. Until you confess some of your faults. Until people put the mirror in their face I will speak of things I am today. I know who I was and who I am and not to be boisterous but I thank God for all the work God put in me to make me who I am today. Now some may look at me and say I am nothing but honestly you don’t know who I was and that is good. When mostly people point out my faults they bring up things I did twenty years ago.

Recently a few did this to me and I said my God when is the last time I did this? 20 years ago? I started dancing and thanking God. (P.S they called me crazy but I think they got the point) I said thank you God. Thank you man! I haven’t done that in twenty years now. HALLELUJAH! That is an amazing thing! I never thought I would change and neither did many people. But my God if I have not done it in twenty years can we let it go now? Or am I always to be charged of sins from my younger years?

That is kind of funny when you think of it. Anyways this was just a random story. if God can change me my friends I believe God can change any! A true story!

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