Not all preachers are fake

Just something to consider for those who don’t have a clue what they speak about. Not every single pastor in the world is fake. Some genuinely love God. Many contribute to homeless shelters and food banks. and that is truth to those who want to actually do the research. many hospitals were opened by churches. so were many food banks, so were many homeless shelters. So many people want everything for free but have you thought about these things at all?

Not all pastors are fake my friends! TRUTH!! If all you do is preach the Gospel for free how do you have money to feed the homeless? if a person puts in ten hours a day labor for God seven days a week. How do they have time to make wages? For over a decade I preached the Gospel never receiving one penny, nor asking for one. Then I was told why don’t I go feed the homeless. So with what money friend? I pray many people wake up. Everything in this world cost money and if a preacher is to travel how do they get from point a to b with all that free preaching? Do people even consider these things? So labor ten hours on the Gospel and then work 12 to pay bills? so when does one sleep? Believe it or not some people totally devote them self to God and it comes a point if nobody gives they can not go on.

For the record I thank God I was at a point in my life I could do such things, and even with barely any food myself I still managed to give to the homeless. I did not write this for a donation. I wrote this so people can think. I just read something, somewhere that made me mad. so I posted this. The comment was not directed at me but I heard it many times. The Gospel should be preached for free. But Judas carried Jesus money purse. So somewhere along the line Jesus was collecting money. A truth of the WORD!! Also something I pray many consider. have a blessed wonderful day dear people. P.S. every so often I will be asking for a donation, a free will offering, support my growth, think about my time. But money is not my main objective because I come to realize people would rather die with their cash then help people with noble causes. just an observation I noticed in my life anyways. God help us all in Jesus name Amen! and just to set the record straight I still have yet to receive even one dime.

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