I officially think I finally lost my mind. All the things I was taught as a child I was taught good, the world now calls bad.  People will look you in the eye and tells lies to your face and then go and call you the liar.  I love God and honestly the bible is the only thing that makes sense and honestly if the bible did not exist I think I would be in a mental home because nothing in this world makes sense. We abuse people who love us. Then people who hate us we want to up lift. We follow people who can’t stand us then abandon the ones who love us.


Telling people things to help them live makes you the enemy and people pass around plates of cocaine and drugs that kill you and these guys are now the hero. A person pulls you off the bridge and people get mad you didn’t let them jump. and then others push you off the bridge and we say lets go hang out with them. This is not right at all. and honestly I can not conform to these times, because I refuse to tell people who hate me I love you. if you hate me, I do love you, but stay far far away from me. Seems now a days the people who can’t stand a person always seem to be around the person they can’t stand. Seems I am different but when I don’t like people I tend to stay away from them.


Either way if I did not know Jesus this would have me totally crazy.  Random thought. Shalom!


Isaiah 5:20-24 

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