Better served HOT

I’m not trying to be beautiful. I am not trying to be popular. I am praying in my closet and I speak praying God open their ears. I pray God add unto God and many of us find a true relationship with Jesus. Not a fake facebook relationship or a religious experience you get once a week. But New Creation. Created by God. I speak for the glory of God. not my numbers, not my likes, For the glory of God, I pray God add unto God daily in Jesus name Amen!

The truth is not a dish we should eat cold. I pray many of us delight our self in the WORD. For luke warm is not a good place either. I pray many of us get on FIRE for the LORD. it’s two fires in this world one that leads to the lake of fire, which is a pit in hell where evil goes and it burns forever., Then there is Holy Ghost FIRE which was given to us by JESUS! THANK GOD FOR THE HOLY GHOST FIRE! It is the only FIRE we want to be consumed with my friends!

I am not religious but I am a bible believing Child of God. Created and shaped by My Maker. Thus said the words of Jeremiah, I am the clay, God is My Potter and I have been hand created into the Woman of God I am today! That’s so WONDERFUL! ❤ Good News for any believer that wants to be hand created by GOD!

Follow Jesus my friends! have a blessed wonderful day! I am excited to spread the Good News of the Gospel! and not just bits and pieces but I pray I speak it whole as God directs my feet and leads me into all things for God's Goodness, in Jesus name Amen! One sided bible teaching is a perversion and no longer will God tolerate it. for the Will of GOD is that we know GOD and that each man work out their own salvation with fear and trembling and may that lead us to salvation. wisdom and understanding in Jesus name Amen!

The truth will set us free. and I have come to proclaim it! My mission statement is Isaiah 61. God bless us and help a new nation rise up in TRUTH! For God's glory, zeal, honor and even God's HOLY name! AMEN!

Sorry friends, when I speak of the Holy Ghost I do not speak in men's traditions, nor religions, but I speak in God's Wisdom. as per 1 John 5:6-8. The WORD is God's name as it is written in Revelation 19, and John Chapter 1. I pray many seek KJV for revelation and honestly please feel free to argue if you want, but the truth is in the entire Holy Book, which is the Holy Bible! Shalom dear ones! More teachings on this soon to come!

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