The LORD is!

The Lord is my mantle! The Lord is my banner! The Lord is my strong defense. God is my umbrella in the rain. God is my sun on the shores. The wind in my wings. God is the mountain that holds me up. The glue that keeps me together. My air that I breathe. My food that I eat! My pavilion! God has been my shelter! My foundation! My Savior. My redeemer. The voice with me in the wilderness. The One holding me when I was weak. God upheld me. God kept me strong even when my heart, I thought I failed. the Lord showed me not even in my weakest hours did I have enough power to stop what God has planned for me and I am thankful God has patience and are not men or women or I would of been left for dead, walked all over, forgotten like a dead vessel. but God saw me. and I just am so thankful! I thank you God for every second of my life.

The good, the bad, Thank you for holding me together through it all. Thank you for being faithful and true and building me in a material unknown to men, but known by you God. I am just so honored for whatever the reason you would take to do so many things for me God. I never thought I was worthy. I thank you for teaching me to trust you God, and I love you, know matter what happens in my life. I thank you God!! I trust you!! Thank you for being my best friend and never forsaking me. Sorry I forsake you in the past God, but with all my might I will walk with you everyday and I will keep in remembrance all things you have done, and do, and did in my heart and mind and I will praise you for the rest of my days in the land of the living God, How WONDERFUL you are! ❤

Totally in love with JESUS! and I am not ashamed to say it! and also live it! I pray I can be kind, as God was kind to me, but I also pray no man (nor woman or child either) take advantage of me because even God has limits, and truth be told I am tired people walking all over God. I pray that I uplift the name of God and by so make God happy and God exalt the ones who exalt God and that is my prayers. Whether they be answered or not, my lips will continuously praise the LORD! because that is where my happiness is. That is where my heart is. That is the joy of Michelle! To rejoice unto the LORD and sing God songs of praises and gratitude!! and that is just truth! #TeamJESUS! #PraiseTeam! ❤

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