A Good Name

So in my life I noticed when you walk like God tells us to. When you walk in deeds and be DOERS the persecution seems to stop, and the praises come.  Who wants to be beat down for good deeds? NOT ME!  many of us are taking a few scriptures and twisting them for our own purpose. but I noticed in my life when you start being doers the praises come. instead of sitting in crowds with people who don’t want God. be like Jesus and help the ones who want help. be a stranger who helps many and you may be perceived as an angel. or I know in my life these words are true and I am so in love with the WORD!  If I had an idol I would say it is the WORD of GOD! and I am practicing walking upright!!!


I found these scriptures priceless!  Well the whole Word is but this is what is in my head for the moment. If everyone walked in deeds we would not feel the need to correct people. I pray there be a generation of people who walk upright and may their deeds write them a good name!   Proverbs 22:1, Proverbs 27:2, James 1:18-22.  (Please go read the scriptures) God bless us dear people and I pray God help a whole nation of people’s names be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and God write upon our foreheads new names as we walk in new creation in Jesus name Amen!

If you walk in deeds instead of stand in the middle of arguments you might make a good name for yourself. just lovely words to consider friends. ❤ Be blessed!! Jesus loves you!


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