Today is a blessed day for me, and to the reader I apologize if your day was not blessed. I pray your day be blessed to even if not today soon. I pray God wipe away our tears. Fill our hearts with Comfort. that the Holy Spirit replace anger with praise, and take sadness and give you much things to shout out to God in praise, hymn and thanks giving!! I pray God give us a new mind set and eyes to see, and I pray we all see the beauty of the Lord which does come from dining with the Lord. and at first when one is invited to eat at the supper. it might seem bitter, but the more you eat, it becomes a beautiful delight a sweet perfume to our nostrils! better then the air we breathe!  better then riches or gold or honey or anything sweet that rots your teeth. it is the finest health food around!!! it makes us whole. it leads us in ways pleasing to God and to LIFE for us on this planet earth my friends, and after. I pray many sit and get acquainted with God. that we see why God says not do, and that many sit at the Lord’s feet and just incline their ears to Wisdom and that we walk  in it my friends!  that is my prayers even if they are not heard it will not change them for I never know when God will answer them!! and I believe God will!!! for my faith is beyond the size of a mustard seed!!! for when I had no faith at all it is God who gave it too me friends and what God gives no man, or animal, nor demon if you will, can take away what God gives and that is undeniable truth of this world! GOD IS WONDERFUL!


Even if we seem like we are crying, we are not we are talking to God who hears and sees our tears. Blessed are those who humble before God. Who seeks the pleasant things of God and delights their self with in them!  have a WONDERFUL DAY DEAR PEOPLE! ❤ Written by Michelle Stokes. For the glory of God. #GoTeamJESUS!

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