You Either Do or You Don’t

God bless everyone and it is not an act when I say I want the best for everyone. I pray we all prosper. I pray we all move forward. I don’t know how many will listen. How many will hear, but I am beginning to see in today’s time I am rare. I am not boastful but I sit and watch so many filled with hate. So many waiting for you to fail.  I tried to extend my help to many in times past and I have come to learn if you always help people somehow they never help them self. this is not the case always. I learned in my life many times it is best to help strangers, they seem more appreciative then the ones who are related or suppose to be friends. and honestly that is a sad time we live in. But truth be told I can not cry for people anymore.


For I do believe in the Word and ever since God created man and woman it has always been about free will. You either do or you don’t.  I offer advice to those who are willing to listen. I know when people listen to my advice many have come to thank me and hug me and lift me up, but now a days many confuse me as a person to be taken advantage of and my friends that is not true. I do the things I do because it is who God created me to be. I am no longer a servant to sin. John 8:33-36. I speak freely to the ones who want to listen.


If my words offend you by all means please remove yourself from me. I always think it is sick and twisted when people say I can’t stand that person, but yet they are the first person to call the ones they hate and say hey! let’s hang out. Honestly that is sick thinking and I pray many get cured from that illness.. For it is truly something wrong with people who can not see when someone loves them. To me the ones who pull me out the fire, those are my hero and anyone else who does not think that way I am ok with agreeing to disagree. I pray you find a crowd you fit in. But as a person who use to hang out with back stabbers and people filled with hate that is not a good path. In fact some would say it is a waste of life my friends. Why surround your self with enemies? Who does that? NOT ME! Either way I pray the things I do be life unto a new generation or even a broken generation who is tired of being broken and wants to be restored. God bless us and help us move forward!



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