Prayers that are Heard

Many people are not seeing God in their life because their labor is in vain.  Exodus 20:7, Matthew 7:21-23.  In King James version the word iniquity is used, in the Matthew verses. if you look up the word definition for this you will see it is sin, which is also the flesh, which is also wickedness.  many people’s prayers go unheard because they don’t even know God and God is not answering because that is how the Word is.


If you want to see a movement of God in your life. if you want to see the Holy Spirit working in your favor then you have to work the things Godly into your life.  Prayer life is a good thing to establish but are we praying vain things? the Word teaches us the prayers of the Righteous are heard. Proverbs 15:29, Psalm 34:17, 1 Peter 3:10-12. All over the bible you will see Righteous prayers being heard. Please feel free to read the whole chapters or even the verses before and after.


If you are stealing, lying, cheating on your spouse, please don’t ask God to bless your lottery ticket. it is better to humble before God, admit faults, (repent from sin) ask the Lord to create you into something new. these prayers are Righteous my friends! a Righteous prayer would be to ask God for a good job or a place where you can go forward.


Why ask God for  a better job, if you do a half dead job at work, if you do bare minim work and expecting high wages, if you walking around murmuring and complaining about your work place something is wrong with that thinking and I pray many repent my friends.  I pray many sit with God so we can actually see God. I speak about Righteous prayers because I believe in them. I have seen the power with in them! I pray my words lead many to God and into the gates of the city here in earth and after, in Jesus name Amen!  Jesus said Hallow be your name Luke 11:2. I pray this message help us Hallow our prayers my friends so they do not go in vain. Food for growth for the willing!

Do you know if you have employment now you are more blessed then many on earth now? try getting a job in the desert. in my mind I would imagine you can walk for hours and not find work.  Also to the story I wrote, I pray obviously you ask God to help you stop cheating on your wife. stop stealing, stop lying first. No point of having money if that is where your heart is, because you can’t take your money to hell friends. but your soul. I pray many of us get our priorities in order  when we pray.  So maybe then many of our prayers will be answered. Repent with your heart!  I pray this message be a strong meat for someone’s soul and it call you into a new beginning friend! In my life prayers have worked wonders and honestly I can say there was a time my prayers also went unanswered. I pray we do not seek the Lord in vain, in Jesus name Amen!

past tense: hallowed; past participle: hallowed
honor as holy.
“the Ganges is hallowed as a sacred, cleansing river”
make holy; consecrate.
synonyms: holy, sacred, consecrated, sanctified, blessed; revered, venerated, honored, sacrosanct, worshiped, divine, inviolable
“trespassing on hallowed ground”
greatly revered or respected.
“in keeping with a hallowed family tradition”………………………
immoral or grossly unfair behavior.
“a den of iniquity”
synonyms: wickedness, sinfulness, immorality, impropriety; vice, evil, sin; villainy, criminality; odiousness, atrocity, egregiousness; outrage, monstrosity, obscenity, reprehensibility; formalturpitude
“many runaways become the pawns of these merchants of iniquity”
sin, crime, transgression, wrongdoing, wrong, violation, offense, vice
“I will forgive their iniquity”

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