To each their own

Before being offended, please read until the end then feel free to judge! 🙂 God bless us all I love you guys!  So today I come on to write something that has been bothering my heart.  This letter is written to the men who work things unnatural to the way our bodies are created to be.  It is written to the women who do the same things also.  This letter is written to those people and all people. and some place labels on you but we are all people. I have walked many miles, in many shoes. I met millions of people in my life. I talked to many, and for some strange reason. people love to confess things to me. I been told why they do it, but honestly I am not going to write those reasons.


The one thing I will say, the many things that people said, (and I understand there are a few who are different.) but so many who do these things as men on men and women on women, when we speak alone they all seem to have one thing in common. Something in their life was out of order, and because of such they just defy natural order.  I mean no harm in any ways so please if you continue reading I will explain myself.


Most people doing drugs are doing them for a reason, most who are sleeping with many are doing it for reasons also. I apologize for all the preachers who lead you to think sleeping with the same sex is the only sin. that is not truthful at all. there are many scriptures that speak against liars, adulterers, fornicators. it is just nobody approaches these topics because the majority of these subject matter the world still does. and they can’t have conviction in church why then their buildings might be empty?


Maybe that is not the reason. I don’t know, but one thing I know, God gives us strength to walk away from sin. Whether it be murder, whether it be hate, whether it be stealing, lying, witchcraft. any abomination. God calls us out of these things my friends. and that is just truth!


I pray God give us all strength to walk away from things not pleasing to God. the truth of the world. people have freewill and even the Blood of Jesus can not cleanse us if we don’t go forward. The Word of God says resist the flesh, which for those who don’t know are wicked things and thoughts.  read Galatians Chapter five, and Romans Chapter one.


Rebuke the devil. Devil you are a lair. I will not go out in bars. I will not do the things I did. (notice the past tense) If I have to fast I will. if I have to seek God continuously then that is what I will do. That is what it requires. Seek the Lord diligently my friends maybe perhaps then deliverance will come. I pray for the strength of the reader. I pray God help us and that is truth and not one person will change my prayers, sorry friends I love you and long ago I ran from God. now I sit with God and sing a new tune! I ran around empty with a void. looking for love in all the wrong places. Then I sat with God and I saw the love of God, and that is all I know and want here on beloved planet earth!  thank you God for setting my mind free! HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD! #GoTeamJESUS!


I pray this message be an anointing to the reader, and God bless your mind and call you into new creation, and create something new with in you, and God fill the reader with the Holy Spirit and let it lead them and guide them in truth Lord, for your glory and honor Lord, your will be done! Let the Blood of Jesus wash you clean. Sit at the Lord’s feet and read the bible and watch and see why Jesus died. in the Word it says men avoid Light because they don’t want to flee their evil deeds. (paraphrasing) I know this is a truth. it was in my life anyways. Honestly if I knew then what I know now, I would sit with God as a kid and never ever leave God’s side.


The transformation that God created when I sat with God was and is truly amazing my friends. I pray many others find the same also.  God bless you! I also pray that God add unto God daily!  have a blessed day beloveds! Ephesians 4:17-32.


I pray many go read John chapter 1 through 3 and let it soak in and perhaps continue reading, or even read it a few times over repeatedly.  If people really knew the depth of God’s love they would all jump in the river and get baptized! Sorry for those who never knew God’s love. I pray God wash us clean and manifest the Holy Spirit to you in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear people! Written in the utmost love for people. I pray I offend none but truth be told many who are sleeping with the same sex. Not to say this is the case for all people. But you had a family member do things to you that ought not to be done. You had a rape you either are or not confessing. Your parents were abusive. whatever the reason friend if this is you reading. You have to let it go. Forgive and live.


Most people who live in the past, are on destructive paths. this is why God says forgive. once you let it go you can move forward.  This is truth. I pray God break the yolk of bondage from all our sins of others, all the sins done to us, and even our own sin, and help many of us go forward. help them God as you have helped me in Jesus name Amen!


Sorry my friends I don’t stand before you perfect. I was a broken vessel, shattered into a million pieces, then I crumbled and into dust I fell and THANK GOD!  For that is when God created me and shaped me and help me stand up a woman and I thank you God and I am deeply not sorry for who that offends because honestly if people knew my life they would totally understand! They would probably stand up and clap and cheer and say wow girl! I am so glad and happy for your transformation! and I would bow and say, I know right! THANK YOU JESUS! Anyways I pray this letter be an encouragement to any out there. I was not picking on just one people. if you made it this far reading the letter again, I want to say my words were not written to offend. If my words did offend I apologize to you. for I did not just point at one people, but I believe I called us all out, and if not  If you want me to add a sin I forgot, then please add it to the comments and I can call that out too! 😀 Please don’t think God can not see it, but just know God wants to free us from it. Be blessed dear people!


Written by Michelle Stokes.  Feel free to share it if it blesses your mind and also. If any would like to support growth. I will let you! If you are to be so kind! 😀 Either way have a WONDERFUL day dear people! I love you guys!

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