How Do I walk with God?

To the ones who are looking for Jesus, I pray many of us realize it is not a race with God. it is a daily walk.  Sometimes people, even the mind will try and overwhelm us. Everyone is not on the same time frame with our walk and we are not all walking in the same steps. but I pray many of our steps be ordered to walk forward with God, not backwards and not back and forth, to and fro.  But I pray God help many of us walk upright in the land of the Living. and I pray God direct our journey and help us leave things behind that ought to be left behind and help us walk into newness friends!


One of the best things I did was start putting on Gospel music, I challenge the reader to just put on God music for fifteen minutes a day, for a week straight and come back to me and see if there is change. I also challenge each person to read a verse or two a day of the bible. now I would like you to read more honestly, but when we first walk with God it may seem overwhelming to think we have to make our self perfect for God. In my life by hanging out with God. God starts perfecting us.  So I implore all people who want to go forward. just start changing your habits. You are what you put in you friends. if you want a different outcome, change your approach. Have a blessed day dear reader! Food for thought and growth! ❤

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