Broken prophecy, One sided messages

We all talk about end days and how God is coming and many are going to hell. But what about the rest of that prophecy where God said God would be our God and deliver us from our sins? hardly any preaching that message. But then again to speak that message would be to come against pastors and I do not know whether it be intentional or not, but it seems a lot of pastors don’t want a generation to be lead by God because they fear losing their paycheck? Maybe that is not truth but it seems odd that many speak death but don’t speak life. Many condemn when Jesus spoke their is no condemnation only  healing. Jesus spoke of restoration, others speak damnation. Jesus did not come to judge the holy, the righteous, nor the sinners. But He came TO RESTORE my friends as prophecy was fulfilled in Him, I pray it be again. For you can not speak one end and forsake the end my friends. and I pray many get on board. catch the LIFE Boat!  Get on the JESUS train! I pray many get on board. For seriously what if this is the last time God calls us to repent. Are you willing to be left behind my friends?  Something to consider. Are you going to be part of the Kingdom Come or the one sent unto destruction? I pray many chose LIFE and restoration today and may God bring us out of death into LIFE and may God write us there and keep us there for eternity my friends!  have a blessed WONDERFUL day!

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