The Drunkards!

Ok first and foremost. I just want to say thank you God!  I am going to write about being drunk. There are many things the Word says about the drunkard and because of such many argue these things. So I write a few things simple and let the reader decide. Now mind you I am speaking alcohol. Not heroin or cocaine or meth. For none of these things are mentioned in the bible. and lets be real these things are causing death all around the world. I am your friend. The best way to quit, is never to start. and God honestly wants us to never start these things and if you all ready have, I pray for your deliverance in Jesus name Amen!


Many times I have sat in so many debates, so many studies and I watch arguments, and sometimes I participated in them even.  If a person drinks a glass a wine a day are they going to hell? My answer is I am not God and only God knows that answer. but biblically I will answer. God saved Noah and after the flood Noah got drunk. This is a truth. Do I think Noah is in hell now? I myself do not believe so.


I examine the Word and so many drank in the bible, but honestly in the New Testament it says drunkards will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Also it is warned against in other books. Since I have and do examine the Word often, I think the best thing to do is get in the Word and search the scriptures for answers. but I will speak freely. A drunkard is a bad witness.


A drunkard makes foolish decisions. Is there a difference between a person who drinks all the time, to that person who has one glass of wine? Again I know not these answers. but honestly I doubt God wants us addicted to anything. many things are death to our body. Are they death to our soul also? I believe a drunkard is going to hell. For when we examine what most drunkards do, the deeds of a drunkard are often wicked. there is fornication while intoxicated. There is dumb behaviors. Like drinving while drunk. You can murder someone else. even yourself.  Many get angered.


Bad decision making comes from drinking my friends and not to much Godly comes from it either.  How many good things come from being drunk? how much money is spent foolishly?  Are these ways God wants us to live? I truthfully will not answer these questions but pray God lead you to answers.  So many justifying evil, and I just pray many repent. get in the Word. I pray God call many of us out of darkness and into life and that is my prayers friends!


I pray these questions save your life. I also pray you seek earnestly for answers, through prayer and bible reading. That is just my advice friends.  I pray it bless a great many people, in Jesus name Amen!


Also if me asking questions to make you start thinking about LIFE, makes me be the bad guy. Well who is better the person who pushes you off the bridge, or the one that says, really? why? There is something wrong with people who jump of cliffs and don’t bring their parachute. I’m just saying….Have a blessed day dear people! i love you and much like God I don’t want us to perish and if we do at least, let’s not jump blindly my friends and once you can see would you jump?  many fell into a ditch but God comes to stand in the gap and says I won’t let you fall. lean on God. just my advice from a woman who once was everything wicked under the sun and if God can change me…. my beliefs. God can change and heal many! Just what I believe or that would mean I am truly special! Would it not?  Be blessed! Shalom dear people!  Written in the utmost love for people! and that is the truth! ❤

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