People will fail you

For many years I wrote about God. I been speaking about God for many years too. I wrote all over and I disappeared and honestly I might of hurt a lot of feelings. but trust me when I say, as I have said in times past, I was obeying God. For almost twenty plus years now I have been speaking the same thing. read your Word, Follow Jesus pray daily. and most of the time people don’t do these things. They look at your pastor and think it is your pastors job to get you to heaven. Not saying that is not true. but if it is the pastors job, then my friends you have to come to work, willing to work.


Not everyone can be a preacher. although many are preaching and honestly this is massively causing confusion, because many teach, hey get saved and go speak God. but my friends you have not studied. you have not sat with God. So much for you to learn. I pray many understand God has order.  chaos and confusion are not really pleasing to God they are a result of wayward things and that is truth my friends.

I am now being called to preach. God has blessed me with a church, and a crowd and many who are willing to listen. I am so thankful and honored to do such things. but I am sorry I am in no hurry to publicize my preaching or invite everyone to my church. Truth be told I would rather let God do the advertising. Also I have no desires to prove myself to any, for God does know who every truth teller on this planet is. Some people go out their way trying to prove them self right. God does not need people to bare witness. The Spirit bares witness. it is not my job to water the seed. Only plant it my friends. I pray many come to understanding.

We are in the hour God is really harvesting this earth. many things are being changed and a new day is about to begin. Only many can not comprehend, and honestly somethings can not be explain unless it comes from God. For worldly things can not comprehend the things of God. for these things are also the Kingdom of heaven and as Jesus said. if you can not understand earthly things, the things of heaven will not be given to you. Yes I am aware I did not quote the scripture perfect, but as a preacher my job is not to feed you words perfect, but instead lead you to the Word which is perfect! John 3:12-17. Might want to back up and read the full chapter, or even the full book. Matthew 24:35.

Anyways God bless a new day.  I am Michelle I am sorry for any who think I failed them in the past. I make mistakes, I am human. I point people to the only perfection I know.. and in the end if Michelle fails. God will not and that is truth!  I am trying to go forward with my writing. and truth be told I use to pay for registered sites out of my pocket. For 12 years I preached and taught all things God and never asked for a penny, nor received one. Times are changing and I still will not beg, but if any would like to support growth in the things I do please feel free to. For it comes a time when people who love God can not labor for free. Gas cost money. Food cost money. Even Jesus had a money purse that Judas use to carry. and if a woman puts in 10-12 hours laboring for God writing, teaching things that are LIFE edifying and glorify God in every way,  are these things worth rewarding? Even if my reward is in heaven, Do I live in planet earth now. and do things on planet earth cost money?  Something for people to consider my friends.


God has been speaking to me a new day. I will continue to write and speak as I am lead to, but honestly my heart is on preaching the Word and it seems it is also God’s desire for I said a prayer God if you want me to preach open the doors for funds for me. instead God opened doors to a church for me as two days later after I prayed I was asked if I would like to preach in a church and it was so random!  what a blessing and honor it will be (it is also)! THANK YOU GOD!  maybe one day in the future I may broadcast, or be more public but for now God said, Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.  and I will listen to God! Shalom dear people! I love everyone! I pray you have a super natural day!  and that is be filled with joy, peace and happiness and God help us overcome anger and bitterness in Jesus name Amen!


Also this was not written to guilt people. It was written as a wonderful testimony, and something to think about!  God bless those who give and those who don’t. Your gifts do not inspire me, God does! So either way I will continue to pray for all people the same! and I will still love all people! God bless the reader!  Have a wonderful day dear people! ❤ Support Growth!



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