A Reflection of Light

Dear God, I pray everyday I do things pleasing to you. I pray you give me strength to not even see others God. Hide me in your pavilion. Keep me hidden in your wings. only let the ones see me that are willing to be changed. keep me inspired daily God. Plant me a vineyard besides your garden. Walk with me in it. I will hear your voice and avoid eating the wicked fruit. I pray I delight on your Word always. that I feast with you daily. My King oh how I love to sup with you daily! ❤ How I love to partake in the things of you!


I thank you for your daily Bread, which is mine!  I thank you for your fountain of Living Waters!  I pray God keep me safe and hidden from the enemy and close the gates on any who want to harm me. Crush it on their heads God. The Lord does not like liars. God rebukes them. God chastens them. and if they do not hear, then that is what it is.  For not all people are God’s my friends. The secret many won’t say out loud. God loves people and hates sin. but not because God hates, but because sin kills God’s creation and a place was created for all the evil to go. and the evil will be cast off earth and sent to eternal damnation, in eternal hellfire and all other things will be written into LIFE and that is the way of the world my friends!


I pray we not be luke warm. that we don’t straddle fences. that we don’t stand still, but every day I pray we walk with God. Walk with God. Flee from sin. Rebuke and resist the devil and the devil will flee.  It is time for a GOOD people to chose GOD for anything else will be trampled on, crushed and made footstools as it is written. God calls God’s Children to be the head. Not to be the tail and has given us the power to STOMP OUT THE DEVIL MY FRIENDS!  and this day has come and has been!   I pray many find freedom!  Jesus is LIFE and there is no other way. I pray many come to understanding and knowledge of such things. in God’s Holy name I pray, Amen! John 8:36


Let us not eat the wicked fruit, but instead eat from the tree of LIFE and let us be a fountain of Living Waters and let it repopulate the earth, and produce much fruit. in Jesus name Amen!


Written by Michelle Stokes, for the Glory of GOD!  Shalom dear people!

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