Remnant Rising Up!

God is rising up a generation and there is no fear in them, for perfect love cast out all fear. and Not even death will separate us from our love of God! and the Righteous will be bold as a loin my friends for the LION WILL BE WITH THEM! Proverbs 9:10, 1 John 4:18, Proverbs 28:1

The people in darkness have seen the Light. For it is the Light that sustained them in the darkness. they have walked in the valley of death. They have been in the wilderness. They were thirsty in the desert and IT IS THE LORD THAT CARRIED THEM! They shall be bold. They shall be fearless. and they are walking in the love of God! #RemnantRisingUp #GoTeamJesus!

What a good definition because even when we suffer(ed) the LORD was(is) with us!  Thank you JESUS! ❤

strengthen or support physically or mentally.
“this thought had sustained him throughout the years”
synonyms: comfort, help, assist, encourage, succor, support, give strength to, buoy up, carry, cheer up, hearten; informalbuck up
“her memories sustained her”
undergo or suffer (something unpleasant, especially an injury).
“he died after sustaining severe head injuries”
synonyms: undergo, experience, suffer, endure
“she sustained slight injuries”

Romans 8:38-39


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