Words to Consider

Please read to the end. Many men who use scriptures to correct woman don’t use the scriptures to correct self. the scriptures teaches men to love woman as Christ loved (s) us. Now I might not be quoting the scripture word for word but I know I have made a simple version of truth that can not be argued. Don’t use the Word to bully your woman into submission. if you are like Christ is unto us would the woman want you? Would she be willing to submit? maybe if she does not, it might be she is not the one, or perhaps maybe men could humble before God and ask if they have faults. many times men sit and they exalt their self and then try and lower everyone else.

the Word said Eve completed Adam God said a helper not a slave. Adam was also sitting with God when God made Adam a woman. I say this because I myself am tired of seeing God’s House and Covenant polluted my friends. if we want to obey the Words. lets obey it. There are Church laws which are Church laws, and Jesus calls us out of that stuff, and there are ways we should act accordingly. Reading the bible lets us make up our own mind and pride is a stumbling block. if all people men and women walked in love all things would be fulfilled. Wonderful words to consider, and a lovely thought to stay in if only people would do. I read a lot of scriptures about being humble, about being meek, about how God shall judge the entire earth.

I also heard. let us work on our own salvation with fear and trembling. perfect love cast out fear. i pray many put their eyes on perfection. if such thing exist in this world. I believe perfection is Christ Jesus. or Jesus whom is the Christ for Christ is not the last name of JESUS!

Also please don’t forsake the assembly. If everyone went to church and tried to change the world would see change! Truth or not? Or we all just going to stand around and wait for the other guy to do it? be different to make a difference. and I mean no harm to any man’s religion but I found the truth in my Word, and I know the God of my bible changed my heart, changed my mind and soul. and I believe in JESUS!

And many believe in all kinds of things. How come nobody is mad when people believe Elvis is still alive? How come people can believe in all kind of spirits, some have names and others don’t and people believe in ghost, but forsake the ONE GHOST (Holy! my fiends!!) that can save them, and also forsake the Holy Spirit. So while many believe in ghost and goblins I believe in the Living God! and the Son of God also, whom many say the Son of Man. They are all ONE! THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! I pray many jump on board and catch the train and lets give Jesus some shout outs! #GoTeamJESUS#Go!

Sorry this was not written so we fight over trinity doctrine. This was written so all people, men, women and child repent and turn towards the Living God! Render not your garments, your traditions but let us repent with our hearts and look towards God and keep our eyes on the Blood of the Cross. Hate kills. What a terrible world this would be if God did take every single good person on this earth away. My God I promise when I say you would not want to be one of the ones left here. For when God takes His Holy Spirit from earth. The only thing that will be left is hell. and the destruction of earth will be all the sins of the land. for what do people think will happen when there is no more love in this world?

The men and women will war. they will fight over territory. they will kill. people will eat people. many will starve to death for many wicked are lazy and bullies and would rather kill to survive. Am I lying? Open your eyes people! Think about it. Did God ever come back to Sodom and Gomorrah? Did God come back when the flood started? Did the giant Goliath slay get a second chance? Again just things to consider friends.

I know nobody wants to hear these things. but if we all speak heaven and believe in God lets speak what happens if you don’t know God, can’t have one and take from the other. Food for thought dear people.

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