Trust and worry not

Michelle Stokes is feeling blessed.

Good morning dear people, or whatever time it be to the reader. I pray your day is lovely and blessed friends. if you are having a bad day I pray God lift up your spirit. I pray you be touched with a piece (peace) of joy, that God turn that frown upside down. I pray the Lord bring peace in your life. I pray God restore union. I pray God help you get your affairs in order. I pray God grant you much strength to go forward. I pray God wipe away your tears friends and turn all that sorrow into gladness. Now I am not anybody other then Michelle Stokes. But I tell you when the devil comes to steal my joy. I lift my hands up. I rejoice! I pray! I put on the Gospel. I listen to it. I read it. I sing praises unto God. I shed a few tears, then I wipe them away, and I smile and I start praising God. No matter what hour you are in praise, and worship will get you through it!

Fretting won’t solve anything. Worry doesn’t help the issues. I cry out. God you see everything that is done. Help me trust you God. Help me not lean on self. I know you got me! I love you.. I trust you! I thank you for everything. God I know you have a plan for me. Even if I don’t see it right now. So while I wait for doors to open let me just give you thanks. Thank you for my fingers oh God. For my toes, For my water. Thank you for food last night, for shelter. Thank you for anything I have that others do not for always someone lower, without what we have friends. Always someone with worst problems. so not to boast in others sorrow, but if you have more then some that is truly a reason to thank God.

Life is not easy, It many times is a struggle. Sometimes things get worst before they get better. The bible is meant to help us. My God how many times I read Job. All the bad things that happened to me and I would list them, but I am not in competition but man Job sure did go through a lot. Look at Paul’s life, and my God what they did to Jesus. This helps me greatly my friends. I pray it be a help to somebody today.

That God help your burdens be put away and instead of us become weary we rest and wait in the Lord. Read our Words and let them encourage us to go forward. These things have helped me greatly my friends and i pray they be a help mate to you also in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day friends. I am much like God in my thinking. God does not want you to fail and neither do I either. I pray again this message encourage the Body of Christ. be still and know God loves you and may all your burdens be forgotten and I pray God help many people lean on God and trust God and that is my prayers friend. Shalom!



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