Good bye devils!

I love the Lord with all my heart, with all my mind, and soul and even if God does not grant me a building. Please allow me to be who I am. Men can dress like ladies. People can steal and beat people up. You can cuss and call people names. We can murder and hate and it seems no correction is spoken to these people. But I sit praying, minding my business and here comes the devils to accuse me. This only make sense though. Satan is not coming against Satan. He is not in the crowd yelling hey guys put those drugs down. He is not uplifting his friend! he is killing many daily and getting away with it.

God has given me (us) the power to crush Satan under my foot and with that said allow me to sit here and say my prayers. God each day I wake I thank you God. Each day I pray for much strength. I ask God to help me. I pray for so many Lord and you do know this. God please silence the liars lips for the God I know does not like liars and I am not going to be punished for loving God. If that is what you guys want then hey go die on the cross. But until then I pray God please help me and fight this battle for me. help me not even see them evil people. For I believe you will punish them God and that is my beliefs for it is written. In the mean time God please just allow me to be myself Lord.

Anyways I am unmoved by any name calling. I care not what your religion says and also by all means feel free to follow any traditions the world does and in the mean time I am just going to lift up my voice and praise GOD! Free will is a blessing and a curse and many are cursed until death and there is no repentance in hell my friends. Only creepy crawly things. There is rotting flesh. There is moaning and screaming and gnashing of teeth and many people praying to God and not one of those prayers is answered in hell. So God I praise you today in the land of the Living and I am GLAD I am able to do such things! and that is truth friends. and if my words do hold any offence to the reader, I pray you continue hanging with those who hold no offense. See how far that gets you. Look where it has got you now. Are you happy my friend? I was not! when I was hanging in those crowds. Blessings from God! Shalom dear people! Sorry don’t hate me because I am not you. But I was once different then I am today and I firmly believe if God can change me, My friends I believe God can change any! Just my beliefs! Only one thing,…. you have to be willing! Can’t help those who don’t want help. Food for thought! Shalom dear people! Written for Spiritual growth! by Michelle Stokes



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