Everyone is born knowing they will die. How will you live your life my friends? I pray these words comfort the souls of someone out there watching! I pray many overcome death and although my words may be bitter at first I pray they heal many souls.  Every single person on this planet will die one day it is a fact. There is not one person on this earth who will escape physical death. My Mom and my best friend and many others have gone and went on to their reward. I use to fear death. I use to mourn it. but God came to me and told me, My Child it is a fact of life. How will you go on? Will you remember the bitter things they did? Will you take their sorrow to your grave? Will you let it hinder you and if the person who past away truly loves you. Do you think they would want you to die or live? My Mom passed away and even though her body is gone.


My Mom lives in me. I take with her all things good she ever spoke and I live by them. By that way my Mom lives in me. We are all born knowing we will die one day.  It is a fact of life. Sometimes I pray many would see these things. Maybe then we would see why we should walk with God every day. I pray for your heart, for your mind, and soul but I know My Mom loved me and she would want me to live. I pray these words be a comfort to you friend, in Jesus name Amen! God wants us to live even if others die. Birds, deer, many species lose children, lose mates and they still go on living. I pray many of us humans do the same. This was not written to be mean but I pray it be peace unto your soul in Jesus name Amen!



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